Gustavo Jassin Falkinhoff

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina nationalized Spanish resident since 1989. Degree Title: Architect Specialties: Stereoscopy and Virtual Reality. In 1987,first steps working with virtual system team fully applied to architecture with pure 3D modeling program. Founded in 1989 in Madrid, Spain, the company TRANSCAD applied to info-architecture. Published several articles in technical journals, Cad Stars, Mapping, Microstation Magazine In 1994 he published the book "Architecture through the Cad" Representative Cult 3D (Cycore) in Spain, for the application of interactive 3D stereoscopic display systems. In 1997 becomes a founding partner of the firm Jassin Ridge & Partners SL, with 3Dfactoria, Artmachines and Virtual Action subsidiaries. In 2003 he made the "Space" video art with stereoscopic image synthesis. In 2005, working with the development team Feversoft station with hand tracking virtual reality and stereoscopic visualization for F1 racer Fernando Alonso, on behalf of his sponsor Pinar Group. He has been a researcher at the Salvador Dalí inscursión stereoscopy, with the help of his personal photographer and specialist in stereoscopy, Marc Lacroix. Member of: stereo Image stereoscopy Society To date, his work dedicated to architecture and image research applied to interactive design methodology.

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